Take Advantage of Today’s Historically Low Rates

mortgage-ratesToday’s mortgage rates continue to hover at all time record lows and this along with government incentives has made a refinance mortgage more financially attractive than any other time in history. Currently the interest rate on a 30 yr fixed mortgage is 4.28%. Generally, anywhere around the 4% interest mark is a great deal. Not every one should be refinancing for this reason alone however there are several factors that make refinancing at today’s mortgage rates a prudent financial decision for many homeowners.

How do you know if now’s the time to pull the trigger on a refinance mortgage? Start by finding out what your current loan balance is, relative to the value of your home. If it’s 80 percent or less, you have lots of options. If it’s between 80 percent and 105 percent, you’ll have to see if you qualify for a Home Affordable Refinance Program which was recently passed by our government in an attempt to help people better manage their loans. If it’s more than 105 percent, you’d have to pay down your mortgage balance with cash to refinance. That may not be a bad idea, depending on your financial situation-but talk with a mortgage loan adviser before proceeding.

is refinance mortgage a wise financial decisionThe next thing to determine is how long you plan on staying in your existing home. Because refinance mortgages come with closing costs, you don’t start saving money on that lower payment until you’ve repaid the upfront costs of the loan. Also, when estimating closing costs, remember to account for any prepayment penalties on your existing mortgage. A mortgage loan officer will analyze your current mortgage and give you a cost benefit analysis so you are able to fully evaluate whether a refinance mortgage is a wise financial decision.

If you want to take advantage of the lowest mortgage rates in history and refinance your mortgage then it would behoove you to get several quotes from various lenders so you are able to compare lenders and go with the one you feel most comfortable with. The most efficient way to receive multiple quotes is to fill out an online application through a website that is affiliated with several top lenders. This requires filling out only one application and you are then matched with 3-4 lenders who are licensed in your area. The mortgage professionals will then help you further explore whether or not refinancing at today’s mortgage rates is a wise financial decision for your situation.

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