The Power of Networking in Real Estate Investment

The Power of Networking in Real Estate Investment- 150x150Question: When it comes to finding out about real estate investment deals quickly, do I just have to network with the right people or is this a “boys club” situation?

Answer: Networking is a powerful tool in virtually any profession, so networking will certainly be advantageous in anything involved with real estate.

It is true that two heads are better than one. One of Warren Buffet’s investment rules is that “if you are alone you will move fast, but if you are more than one you will go far”. Networking is very important in securing success in real estate business. Real estate business networks enable real estate investors to create new relationships and sustainable models for real estate growth.

Networking Opportunities

  • Property Community- This is an excellent resource that enables you to find and join various social groups where you can connect with and meet real estate investors to discuss property trends and other real industry related information on forums. You will also find property listings by types and regions. Property Community saves you money on advertising costs for listings and should increase the likelihood of a fast sale. Also, you can easily ask questions about real estate and receive answers freely throughout the forums. Another benefit lies in the ability to send private messages to group members if you need to discuss a more private matter, such as negotiating a real estate deal.
  • Meetup- This is one of the most popular forms of networking for both formal and informal groups. enables you to find out about any real estate meetings and networks close to where you live. You can also start your own meetup so that others can join. Some networks have over 1,000 members. Most meetups have networking events where you can meet great connections within the industry.
  •  Real Estate Webmasters- Real Estate Webmasters provides you with realtor forums where you can easily introduce yourself and then start chatting about investment prospects. Real Estate Webmasters has links for easily finding properties for sale as well as for finding buyers for your property. You can discuss your experiences with Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing and tips for how these can help others. By joining this forum, you will gain access to a wide network of investors and real estate experts. As an investor, you will learn more about link building techniques and other useful online practices. If you want to develop a new website for your property listings, you will be able to meet various real estate web designers with ample experience. There will be a wide variety of real estate and related professionals on the forums so you will be sure to make plenty of worthwhile connections.

Real Estate Investment Clubs

There are usually several different investment clubs in most moderately large to major cities. Some clubs are even formed at the national level and may have local chapters. For some, local clubs may be more beneficial because they will be more tailored to discussion and resources for your area. On the other hand, a real estate investment club at the national level may create more opportunities in different states that may not be easily accessed otherwise.

A real estate investment club enables you to create useful networks, gain investment expertise as well as tips about commercial and residential properties available for sale and purchase currently. These clubs will also help you familiarize with various rules and regulations related to real estate in your local area and nationally. You can ask and answer questions while connecting with like-minded real estate investors who share common goals.

Real Estate Conferences

Conferences are invaluable knowledge centers for real estate investors. By attending conferences, you will gain access to engaging discussions about the future of real estate business and acquire more of the expertise required to achieve success in the constantly changing real estate industry. There will be most likely be a variety of meetings and events going on simultaneously at the conference, giving you multiple chances to network, creating new friendships, business partners, and finding more real estate deals.

Many of your questions will be answered as many professionals from government departments concerned with land and property are typically present. Emphasis will be on current investment opportunities and  future trends in real estate.

The Power of Business Cards

A business card is one of the most powerful networking tools. A business card represents you and your company as a brand. It informs them about your niche within the industry, services you offer, your contact information, and leaves an impression on the person it is given to. Even if you don’t end up working with the person that received the card directly from you, they may pass along your card or your name to others that may end up working with you.

Many real estate investors have formed fruitful friendships by handing out their business cards. There are some cultures that consider receiving a business card a great honor. Designing high quality business cards can improve the image of your business and make a memorable impression.

Real Estate Get-Togethers

They might start as informal groups with a few real estate professionals that you know. Just look at a get together as an ordinary hang out with some buddies. You get to interact with fellow investors, share challenges, ask questions and help one another. These get-togethers may grow into larger groups or simply closer knit groups. You never know, from these you may develop some invaluable real estate investment partners. The group will keep each other updated on new developments in local investments and you’ll be the first to know inside information. This can also save you time and money on advertising if someone in your group leads you to a deal.

The informal nature of a real estate get together means that you don’t incur subscription costs or abide by rigorous rules. They are becoming more and more common because you get to do business with like-minded friends in a sociable manner.

There are so many opportunities for networking in the real estate industry. With all of this information, there’s no excuse for you to not join in! Reap the benefits of a strong and influential network of real estate professionals and see what incredible things happen just because of the people you know.

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