Mortgage Refinancing Guidelines

fixed-mortgage-rates 150x150The Decision Making Process

With the characteristic ebb and flow of the current economy so inextricably intertwined with the flat-lined housing market, it stands to reason that many homeowners across the country are critically examining the pros and cons of mortgage refinancing. The basic or fundamental reasoning can be boiled down to three key areas of concern in terms of having any real economic motivation to take on this task. The first is almost a no-brainer because it involves the primary feasibility of making a budget work – the homeowner is in need of saving money by lowering their existing mortgage rates. The second impetus is also a more budget friendly incentive for refinancing – to allow more manageability in the mortgage repayments by extending the term of the of the existing loan. The third criterion is based on a premise of choosing a different loan type, and for obvious reasons – considering a change from an adjustable mortgage rate to a fixed mortgage rate in order to stabilize the monthly repayment obligation. Again, these are all decisions that arise from the pressure a poor economic situation applies to every household budget.

These three factors generally point to the realization that refinancing a mortgage is certainly something to consider. However, a certain percentage of individuals may assume the task to be somewhat daunting, or even financially risky, and they have a pre-determined idea that it may not prove to be beneficial enough to attempt. Basically, the strategy is only as complicated as one makes it, and with a good plan and a bit of organized willpower, it is definitely a do-able course of action. Here are a few ideas to streamline the decision-making process a bit, to boil it all down to the necessary components to correctly evaluate the feasibility of refinancing, and it is far from rocket science.

Important Mortgage Refinancing Considerations

Determine the motivation for refinancing – The final outcome of the mortgage refinancing decision will be affected by any or all of the three budgeting factors: lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, or a fixed monthly payment.

Establish the desired loan factors – Using the previous budgeting motives, decide the feasible interest rate and monthly payment objectives, along with a specified term, using online mortgage calculators to work out possible scenarios.

Credit score evaluation – Everything depends upon this critical factor, and is especially relevant if the ratings have not been checked in some time. These scores set the stage for lender offers and the likelihood of a favorable loan approval.

Fluctuations in property values – Another key element is whether the economy has effected the current value of the home enough to decrease the viability of refinancing, unless the existing mortgage has been paid down to a significant degree.

Check the early repayment penalty – Find out if the original lending institution will consider the new refinancing, which may nullify any prepayment fees. If not, absorbing this cost needs to be considered within the feasibility study.

Seek refinancing offers from numerous lenders – The field is quite large, and prospective offers will vary considerably, therefore shop carefully and diligently for the best rates and terms.

Scrutinize every detail of each offer – Establish a checklist for comparative evaluation to determine the total projected cost of each offer. This will include the points, the interest rates, closing costs, inspections, origination fees, and so on

Get the loan offer time-table specified– Based on the length of the application process, lenders will try to hedge on verbal commitments for long periods, so getting a rate-lock in writing for the duration of the refinancing process is critical.

Balance the costs versus the savings – Utilizing mortgage calculators, work out the numbers between the existing mortgage commitment against the total cost of refinancing. The difference between the initial up-front expenditures must be weighed against the longer-term monthly savings benefit.

With the streamlined approach listed above, a more careful, concise, and budget-friendly refinancing decision can be achieved. The more focused and detailed the information is while devising a credible plan of attack, the easier it will be to reach the most beneficial mortgage refinancing solution.

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