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  • 10 Year Vs. 15 Year Mortgages

    Mortgage Refinancing Loan Terms – Are 10 or 15 Year Terms Better?

    There is a lot of decision making involved in refinancing a mortgage loan. Before applying for a mortgage, you should figure out what your budget is, so you will know how much you can spend on fees, down payment, and the mortgage itself. Also, it is very important to come to a conclusion regarding what your future plans are, like how long you want … [Read More...]

    Mortgage Refinancing-The Overlooked Mistakes You Want to Avoid- 150x150

    Mortgage Refinancing: The Overlooked Mistakes You Want to Avoid!

    Mortgage refinancing can be a true life saver when done correctly and at the right time. Making your monthly mortgage payment smaller will free up cash that can be used for other monthly expenses or be put in savings. But before you are lured by the smaller mortgage payments and interest rates, you must be sure that you understand how refinancing … [Read More...]

    How to Take the Headache Out of Cash-In Refinancing-150x150

    How to Take the Headache Out of Cash-In Refinancing

    You have probably heard of cash-out refinancing, which allows the borrower to leave the closing with a little extra money. This type of refinancing was very popular a few years ago, before the housing market crashed. The United States Housing market is currently still recovering, so cash-out refinancing is not so popular anymore. A type of … [Read More...]

    Here's What You Can Do When Turned Down for Refinancing- 150x150

    Here’s What You Can Do When Turned Down for Refinancing

    Refinancing is a great way of saving money on your mortgage when interest rates are low. Refinancing has strict guidelines, and making your mortgage payments on time may not be enough to convince your lender to allow you to refinance. Mortgage refinancing requires a home appraisal, a significant number of documents that show your income and assets, … [Read More...]

    Refinancing Your Home-The Complete Process- 150x150

    Refinancing Your Home: The Complete Process

    Refinancing your home at the right time can bring you great financial benefits, but the process can be a little intimidating for those who are refinancing for the first time, and even for those who have done it before in the past. Changing your mortgage loan to a different loan with different terms can get a bit confusing, and you might be afraid … [Read More...]

    Top 10 Refinance Lenders for Borrowers with Bad Credit-150x150

    Top 10 Refinance Lenders for Borrowers with Bad Credit

    Getting a mortgage loan with bad credit is difficult, but doable. Lenders typically regard people with bad credit as a high default risk, but they are willing to help every borrower as much as their lending requirements permit them. The same applies to refinancing, where borrowers might want to take out a new loan and possibly receive a better … [Read More...]

    What is the True Cost of Refinancing- The Truth is Revealed Here- 150x150

    What is the True Cost of Refinancing? The Truth is Revealed Here!

    Refinancing your home involves getting a new mortgage loan, and it's a practice that can be very beneficial and save you a nice amount of money, or it can prove to be very expensive and cost you a lot of money. The main goal of refinancing is to save money on your mortgage by replacing your original mortgage loan with one that features a lower … [Read More...]

    Do You Make These Mistakes- Don't Kill Your Mortgage Refinance-150x150

    Do You Make These Mistakes? Don’t Kill Your Mortgage Refinance!

    Making lower payments on your mortgage is a great way to save money and make your life easier. The most common way in which you can reduce your monthly mortgage payment is by refinancing. This can also be the most beneficial way, which can save you a significant amount of money. But going from saving money to losing money is really easy when it … [Read More...]

    Can You Get a Lower Mortgage Rate without Refinancing- The Answer May Surprise You-150x150

    Can You Get a Lower Mortgage Rate without Refinancing? The Answer May Surprise You

    Over the past few years, interest rates have kept falling, reaching record lows. More than likely, you know people who have refinanced and now have much lower interest rates than you do on your mortgage. Refinancing is one way of lowering it, and it can be beneficial in most cases, especially when rates are this low. But you did your homework and … [Read More...]

    Addicted to Refinancing Your Home Multiple Times- You're Not Alone- 150x150

    Addicted to Refinancing Your Home Multiple Times? You’re Not Alone

    A few years ago, when the housing market was booming, many home owners started to take advantage of the lower interest rates by refinancing their mortgages. For many borrowers refinancing is a great opportunity to save money on their mortgage, but there are other factors besides the interest rates that should be considered when determining if … [Read More...]

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